Real-Life Skateboarding Games: Win Prizes with Your Pro Skateboarding Tricks

Exhibit your grand skateboarding tricks and impress the judges with your grinds, flip tricks, and grabs. Here at MEAN EXTREME SPORTS LEAGUE in Biloxi, Mississippi, we hold freestyle skateboarding games for contenders to work their way to the top and win a trophy. Interested ladies and gents of all ages are welcome to join our league.

Stay Fit and Earn Money

Cultivate your skating flairs and evolve as an ace skateboarder while earning money. Joining our skateboarding team also helps you stay fit and active during summer. The money you can earn would be of great assistance for your college education and other household expenses.


Contact us in Biloxi, Mississippi, to slash your impressive skateboarding tricks in our fun-filled skateboarding activities.

WAIVER AND RELEASE: In consideration of the accecptance of my entry into the meamextreme sportsleague or any tournament play on any indoor or outdoor facilities used. I hereby for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, waive and release any and all rights for claims for damages against the meanextremesportsleague, the board, the committee, any indoor/outdoor facilitiesused in any U.S. city or states, any forieghn country outside the U.S, thier agents, succesors or assigneesfor any injuries I may incur during said league or tournament play.