Fitness-Enhancing Baseball and Football League Tournaments

Play for one of the best football and baseball teams in in Biloxi, Mississippi. MEAN EXTREME SPORTS LEAGUE offers young and aspiring athletes to lively baseball and football league matches and events. Sharpen your batting skills, hand-eye coordination, or lateral speed when you enter either of our two leagues.


There are few baseball summer leagues out there that allow anyone of any age to play. Our baseball league gives you the chance to actually play in an arena. We have teams for men and women of all ages. You can also join our baseball league to receive some extra money.

Our football leagues offer year-round competition since there are limited summer leagues offering football games. We are giving away this opportunity for people who really want to play football. Pursue your passion in football and become one of our players today!

Young Woman Playing Baseball

Contact us in Biloxi, Mississippi, to get a head start with our strength-building baseball and football league tournaments.

WAIVER AND RELEASE: In consideration of the accecptance of my entry into the meamextreme sportsleague or any tournament play on any indoor or outdoor facilities used. I hereby for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, waive and release any and all rights for claims for damages against the meanextremesportsleague, the board, the committee, any indoor/outdoor facilitiesused in any U.S. city or states, any forieghn country outside the U.S, thier agents, succesors or assigneesfor any injuries I may incur during said league or tournament play.